Educator Resources

CMLC offers a variety of teaching and learning resources to add to any curriculum and to enrich any educational experience.

Arabic and Islamic Bookshelf
CMLC, through a grant from Benton County Health Equity Alliance, has acquired a large “library” of Arabic and Islamic books. The books range from kids’ books in both English and Arabic to educational adult books. They are free to check out for a 2 week period. See the Arabic and Islamic book list for a full list.

Textile Collection
Check out this video of our textile exhibit featuring selected pieces from our collection. Call or email the center if you are interested in borrowing textiles.

CMLC Culture Exploration Kits
Each Culture Exploration Kit is a “portable museum” – a large carrying case filled with intriguing, relevant and aesthetic objects on a specific topic, collected from many cultures; that emphasize diversity through a unifying theme. NEW! Kits are now available in Monroe, Alsea and Philomath through the Librabry Bookmobile. Click here for more information.

For guidance or suggestions on choosing kits by subject, click here.

Sample items from the Tea Culture Exploration Kit

The CMLC Culture Kit Exploration Library makes these multi-dimensional resources available to educators (public, private and home schools), community organizations, community groups and multicultural event planners for free. Well-researched background information on each object, maps, books, suggestions for activities and/or teaching plans for different ages are provided. The kits augment curriculum and provide hands-on interaction with familiar objects that relate to unfamiliar objects; which in turn become gateways to other cultures. Each kit can be used independently and in conjunction with other kits.

Currently Available Culture Kits(click on each one for a detailed description and photos):

NEW!Nordic Cultures
Natural Fibers and Dyes
NEW!Native American Cultures and History
How Many Nations has this Nation Been
The Spanish Arabic Connection
Recycling; Art & Environment
The Secret Geography of Cloth
NEW!Countries of Africa
Bamboo; the World’s Biggest Grass
Global Musical Instruments
Black History-African American Cultures
The Silk Road
Clothing in Hot and Cold Climates
Gourds & Calabashes
Eating Utensils
Biggest to Smallest (Seriation)
Current Currency, Past Currency
Paper Crafts Around the World
The Cultures of China
The Cultures of Japan
The Cultures of Mexico
The Cultures of the Philippines
The Cultures of Afghanistan
Maps & Atlases, Artistic & Historic
Good Luck

Mini Culture Exploration Kits are just that

Children’s Day, Japan – mini kit

– mini – consisting of a few books on a single subject paired with one or two relevant cultural objects. MINI Culture Exploration Kits Available

Kits by Subject
Culture Exploration Kits by subject

Kits Under Development:
Mathematics and Patterns

Each kit can be checked out for one week. Call or stop by the center to see the kits, tailor-fit the kits to your needs or to reserve one. Questions? Culture Kit FAQsto see answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Want to help with this project or make a donation? CULTURE EXPLORATION WISH LIST 3.2017Click here for our wishlist.

Download a PDF of ourCurrent General Brochure which has more detailed information on our resources and programs.