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Over the last 11 years, the “yellow house” has been many things to many people. Because this building has been the only one to shelter CMLC, it has become closely identified with the center itself.

The reality is that while we have made the center our own, we do not own it. We are grateful to OSU for the generous lease we have had. Our lease will expire in March 2018. However, the “yellow house” will go up for sale on or before September 1, 2017. Any party interested in buying and moving the building must be able to meet requirements, including procurement of a lot, identified funding for the move, funding for abatement, city permits. These requirements must be in place before OSU will release the building for purchase. Otherwise the building will be torn down.

If it is not possible to save and move the building, we will need to find another centrally located place to house the center, Casa Latinos Unidos and Fiesta Mexicana Folkloric Dance Group so we all can continue the important work we do for the community and OSU. Saving the building or finding new space is not something CMLC can do alone! We need the commitment, creativity, and resources of the city and community to even attempt it.
Please contact us if you have ideas or would like to help us in some capacity!

CMLC is a community-based learning center where individuals and families of all cultures come together to share, mentor, and understand their different cultures, to access resources, and to build a cohesive community in a safe, welcoming environment.

Resources and programming are free. No appointment is necessary during the open hours, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

CMLC encourages active exchange of ideas and conversation. People of all beliefs coming to the center should feel comfortable; therefore, religious proselytizing has no place in the connections made at the center.

Download a PDF version of the CMLC brochure.

CMLC is grateful for all the continued support and generosity from grantors, donors, and partners.